A Holland Mountain Operational Review is an in-depth and objective assessment of either the end-to-end organisation or a specific function, covering people, process and technology. The goal is to discover and document the current state of the business’s operations in order to identify improvement opportunities, develop a Target Operating Model (ToM) and provide an operational roadmap of actions to move towards the target future state.

Holland Mountain has completed Operational Reviews for 15 of the UK’s largest private capital managers. The benefits brought to these firms include:

1. Identifying ‘quick wins’ with tactical improvements as well as longer-term strategic initiatives

2. Establishing how the business can achieve one source of truth and use its data as an asset

3. Providing a pathway to streamlining technology across the business, optimising efficiency by automating processes as much as possible and avoiding siloes of data

4. Defining operational requirements for the launch of new products (e.g. new strategies, asset classes) if applicable

5. Enabling the business to benefit from future technological advancements with a flexible operating model designed to be able to absorb change without disruption

6. Providing a documented business case for strategic change and investment in new or existing systems validated by a third party

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