Holland Mountain Director and Head of Data Solutions, Harpreet Lakhan, is giving a Keynote Presentation to an audience of Operational Leaders at Private Markets Investor | Europe 2023 on Tuesday 28th March 2023. 

Presentation Topic: Achieving the best investor experience while managing increasing investment complexity  

In his presentation, Harpreet will discuss:

  • The ways in which the Private Markets have changed in recent years
  • The operational challenges these changes present for industry participants
  • The best practice data model required to enable the firm to manage these challenges
  • Achieving the ‘data culture’ required to make this transformation successful

Harpreet’s advice will cover the full Private Markets spectrum, including managers of a single private asset class, multiple private asset classes, and institutions managing both public & private assets.

Click here to see the full agenda, and follow this link to register for free.

Harpreet Lakhan

Head of Data Solutions

Harpreet Lakhan is a globally recognised Private Capital technology, reporting & data expert. Over his 20+ years of industry experience, he has designed and implemented technology solutions for over 150 Alternative Investment Managers, including both GPs and LPs, across the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. A Private Capital data model expert, he also led the development of a product that was later acquired by eFront.

At Holland Mountain, Harpreet led the development & launch of the consulting firm’s ATLAS Data Platform, now leveraged by many of the leading Private Capital firms & Asset Managers globally, to connect siloed data sources, achieve a single source of truth and enable advanced reporting. Harpreet leads the ATLAS team, continually evolving the suite of ATLAS solutions to solve the Private Capital industry’s challenges, and successfully implementing them for the firm’s clients.