Holland Mountain launches new data services business line

London, UK – 2 April 2019: Holland Mountain has formed new business line, Holland Mountain Data Services (HMDS), bringing on board an experienced team of data architects. HMDS will advise private capital firms on data strategy, accelerate data warehousing initiatives and provide support with data analytics, reporting and visualisation.

“Fulfilling the vision of ‘data as an asset’ and ‘one source of truth’ has become our clients’ highest priority over the last few years.  Delivering this vision requires a clear data strategy, solid data governance and a flexible data warehouse to support investor reporting, internal MI and any new AI or machine learning initiatives,” said Barnaby Piggott, CEO of Holland Mountain.  “Combining and focusing the technical delivery abilities of our new team of data architects with Holland Mountain’s private capital experts has become the logical next step to grow our business. We are all incredibly excited for the progress that HMDS will deliver to the private capital industry in the coming years.”

About Holland Mountain

Holland Mountain is the leading European consulting firm delivering operational improvement and maximising efficiency in the private capital sector. The team has a well established reputation, having delivered 250+ successful operational strategy and change management engagements for over 65 private capital clients. Holland Mountain’s exceptional team of specialised project resources is led by three of the private capital industry’s leading operations and technology experts.

For more information, please contact Barnaby Piggott (barney.piggott@hollandmountain.com)