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When you have work which needs to get done but lack the internal resources, frustration is inevitable. Whether you need short term resource for one-off projects or longer term support for recurring tasks which you don’t want to burden employees with, we can help.

Specialists available to you

As a leading service provider for Private Markets, Holland Mountain has an experienced team of specialist.

We have every level of resources according to the complexity of the tasks, pricing accordingly.


Private Capital System Experts

Data Specialists

Chartered Accountants

Project Managers


Benefits of using our on-demand services

Avoid headcount increase and HR papework, get our expert help to support your operational projects immediately.

Start Immediately

Our team of experts ensures there’s no ramp-up time required for most tasks. Once engaged, we hit the ground running, delivering efficient and effective solutions from day one.

One-off Projects or Managed Services

Whether you have defined tasks that require immediate attention or ongoing projects that demand continuous support, we offer flexible options tailored to your needs.

Convenient Extension of Internal Resources

We seamlessly integrate with your team, providing on-demand support without the overhead.

Flexible Pricing

Our pricing structure is designed to be reasonable and flexible, ensuring it aligns with your budget and specific project requirements.

We have specialist experience working with a wide range of technology, reporting and data initiatives, across:






Accounting processes

Portfolio Monitoring

Fundraising & Investors Servicing


  • Data collection, reconciliation, cleansing, augmentation and report creation
  • Project management of any change initiatives
  • Requirements analyses and business process mapping
  • Technology implementation, integration and optimisation, platform management
  • A wide range of further ad hoc tasks that require industry knowledge and expertise

Previous Work Examples

A leading private capital firm faced challenges collecting and reconciliating data from different 3rd party resources, ahead of their quarterly data process cycle.

The analyst undertook a comprehensive approach to address the client’s data concerns:

  • Providing Support and Data Collection: Efficiently gathered data from diverse third-party resources, including Acuity, ensuring a steady flow of information for processing.
  • Performing Reconciliation Checks: Conducted rigorous checks to ensure data accuracy and relevance, liaising with third-party sources to rectify discrepancies promptly.


  • Workload Relief: By managing data tasks, freed up the senior technical team to focus on value-added tasks like long-term visioning and strategic oversight.

Through these efforts, the analyst streamlined processes, mitigating inaccuracies and optimizing resource allocation for the client.

A leading private capital firm faced challenges in maintaining data accuracy and relevance within their operations.

The analyst focused on meticulous data cleansing and augmentation:

  • General Data Cleansing: Conducted thorough cleansing of pertinent metrics for the portfolio company, including GICS classifications and currency, ensuring accuracy and consistency.


  • Improved Metric Accuracy: Ensured that critical metrics, destined for presentation to stakeholders such as investors, general partners, and limited partners, were precise and reliable. This instilled confidence in the data used for decision-making processes.

A leading private capital firm needed help in structuring and guiding a change initiative

The analyst spearheaded project management efforts for change initiatives:

  • Detailed Project Planning: Developed comprehensive project plans and provided overarching governance to key work streams, encompassing timelines and milestones.


  • Facilitated Communication of Technological Updates: Enabled project sponsors to seamlessly communicate vital technological updates to their superiors and partners.
  • Structured Workstreams: Established structure and regularity within specific workstreams, facilitating easier monitoring of progress and ensuring timely delivery of objectives.

A leading private capital firm required system optimisation for their CRM.

The analyst provided expert guidance to enhance the client’s current CRM system, followed by implementation of recommended changes:

  • Offering Best-in-Class Advice: Delivered top-notch recommendations to enhance the client’s CRM system, culminating in a concise list of improvements. Upon approval, implemented the necessary system changes.

Optimisations Included:

  • Automated aspects of the fundraising process.
  • Streamlined entry forms to reduce user data input time.
  • Developed data exceptions dashboards to identify gaps in key data.
  • Automated report generation.
  • Transitioned offline processes from Excel to Dynamo.


  • Reduced Data Entry Time: Significantly decreased the time spent on data input, enabling both the Investor Relations and Investment teams to focus on their core tasks.
  • Improved Data Accuracy: Enhanced accuracy of data within the system instilled trust and confidence in its reliability.
  • Increased User Adoption: Improved user adoption rates, with more individuals engaging with the system and utilising its data, thereby enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

A leading private capital firm needed its team trained on their new system along with documentation.

The analyst delivered essential training sessions and created helpful resources for the wider business, focusing on their CRM system:

  • Expert Training: Provided comprehensive training sessions covering system navigation and accessing key reports of interest to the participants.


  • Reduced Reliance on Team for Training: Decreased dependency on the team to conduct training sessions, freeing up their time for other critical tasks.
  • Facilitated Open Discussions: Enabled open discussions during training sessions, providing attendees with the opportunity to ask questions and gain clarity.
  • Utilisation of “Cheat Sheets”: The provided “cheat sheets” served as handy references for new joiners, reducing reliance on team members for training and offering easy-to-access support materials.

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Our experience working with over 150 Private Capital firms and fund administrators allows our team to get up to speed and add flexible capacity to your teams immediately, enabling you to complete initiatives without the need to hire and train permanent resource.

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