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Operational review | Implementing operational change

Operational improvement: enabling clients to work more efficiently

We have extensive expertise in designing and optimising business processes for clients. We stay current with industry best practices and maintain insight into which business systems and processes allow clients to operate most efficiently.

By combining process design with our proprietary approach, we are able to quickly analyse and propose steps for operational improvement, including:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of a client’s current practices and capabilities
  • Identifying gaps to be bridged to achieve the desired operational improvements
  • Design of the improved business processes


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Using the People, Process, Technology framework for organisational change, we work with clients to pinpoint desired improvements and highlight changes required to their firm’s organisational or technological framework. In addition, we align the process modifications with their strategic plans, ensuring they retain the agility needed to respond to future requirements and changes in circumstance.

Our operational improvement service most often comprises an operational review followed by implementing operational change.

Operational review

The first element of the review process is to analyse the existing operational and business processes and identify areas for improvement. We ensure that the operational processes can be optimised across the client’s business assets and are in line with the organisation’s strategic plans and objectives.

Conducting factual due diligence across back, middle and/or front office, we map the client’s business processes, organisational structures and business assets, and reconfirm their alignment with the client’s strategic plans.

We engage closely with stakeholders to define the objectives and the decision criteria for shaping the future processes and business architecture, as well as the roadmap to achieving short- and long-term goals.

By ensuring that the organisational structure, people and processes are aligned at a strategic level, long-term operational performance enhancements can be achieved and business and technology assets successfully leveraged.

Our diagnostic reviews focus on areas including:

  • A technology/operational roadmap

  • The determination of a target operating model with streamlined work processes and information streams
  • Gap mapping
  • Identification of quick wins
  • Identification of strategic objectives

We also provide services in relation as an operational health check.

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Implementing operational change

We have a wealth of experience helping clients assess and decide on change to achieve increased efficiency. Refining the organisational structure of business units and of their work processes and interaction helps drive operational improvement.

We identify and address areas where operations are ineffective or inefficient – for example where there is duplication of effort, where there are manual tasks or where processes may be better outsourced. These could include regulatory-mandated operational aspects or external delegation of fund administration.

Our experience means we are placed to identify functional areas ripe for operational change.

We work with our clients on the redesign of their organisational structure, making the required operational improvements to ensure all team or department activities are aligned with the overall business strategy.

We assist our clients with planning to take full account not only of the changes to technology and process but also to the people side of change. This includes having a clear business sponsor, and formalising project objectives and reasons for change in order to build firm-wide understanding and encourage adoption.

We treat the associated change management as a separate process since it has its own life cycle across the client organisation.

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