Product Features

The Holland Mountain Data Platform is made up of the following components:

The HM Data Platform

A dedicated data platform developed for the needs of Private Capital firms. Click below to learn more

Data Broker
  • Leverage the growing library of connectors we have already developed to the key Private Capital systems
  • The connectors push and pull data into and from the Data Platform
Data Lake
  • Creates a replica of the data from the source at any point in time, enabling audit, archive & change log functionality
  • Required for any future Machine Learning, AI and other Data Science projects
Data Management
  • Matches the same data across different systems, even if it is labelled slightly differently
  • Creates the one source of truth 
  • Enables data validation and exception management 
Sun Model Application
  • An application used for visual modelling of business requirements and designing the technical solution
  • Automatically generates the Data Warehouse and cube (huge time saving compared to manual dev.)
  • The process of transforming data from it’s original source format into an output that matches the client’s reporting and analysis requirements
  • HM’s Private Capital knowledge adds huge value here
  • The calculation layer that creates the logical representation of the data and reporting models
  • Enables users to create BI dashboards and other outputs (e.g. Machine Learning & AI)
  • Managing the smooth running of the Data Platform
  • Ensuring all components are operating properly
  • Supporting ongoing change


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