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Vendor landscaping | Software selection

Technology advice: helping our clients choose the right alternative asset management software

Selecting the optimal software solution for your business in today’s market can be a daunting task. We’re here to help ensure you make the right decision, and realise maximum benefit from:

  • Greater operational efficiency
  • Greater agility and adaptability
  • Access to more relevant, better-quality information
  • New and expanded capabilities

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Dedicated financial and operational technology systems offer the robustness, security and functional efficiencies that manual, Excel-based processes lack. We have unmatched expertise in assisting clients assess and select the technology that is right for them.

We’ve built up this capability over years of working with the leading systems vendors in developing solutions for our clients. We also have an in-depth understanding of the specific business processes and needs that remain vital to firms across alternative asset management.

We help clients address all aspects of technology transformation, including:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Gap analysis

  • Systems selection
  • Implementation

Our technology services fall into two general categories: vendor landscaping and software selection.

Vendor landscaping

We will provide an overview of the range of alternative asset management software solutions and integrators. This ensures our clients have a comprehensive, informed understanding of the marketplace, the functional footprint of available products, and the trade-offs involved in selection.

Our experience working with a broad range of clients has given us an in-depth understanding of their business processes and of the requirements that are critical to their success. We are positioned to help clients narrow down their options to ensure valuable time is spent assessing only the most appropriate solutions.

We will facilitate and coordinate vendor workshops in line with business-specific requirements, allowing decision-makers a detailed, first-hand view of the functional features and benefits of each, as well as of the project approach and the service levels of the suppliers at the table.

For some firms, vendor landscaping is a crucial part of their diagnostic and strategic planning process. In these cases the final choice of solution may follow at a later point, and only after a number of aspects of the client’s business planning have been undertaken. In either case, vendor landscaping affords our clients a clear view towards final selection.

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Software selection

We help private equity firms select the software and solutions that will best provide them the desired business outcomes and deliver maximum value. In addition to running structured software selection processes for private equity firms, our experience spans venture capital, real estate and infrastructure fund managers.

We provide insight into the business processes and organisational structures that best support workflows for firms across the alternative asset management sectors. We can help build a business case and efficiently assist our clients in making the most informed decisions on systems, while having a full understanding of what organisational and process changes should be implemented to make best use of that technology.

Examples of solutions we regularly see implemented across asset classes include: eFront FIA, Front GP and FrontConnect, FIS Investran and DX, Intralinks, MS Dynamics CRM and Salesforce.

Solutions specific to PE include: Ipreo iLevel, Dynamo Software, AltaReturn and Baxon.

Real estate managers might typically look to: Qube, MRI, or Yardi.

Infrastructure firms may use: AgileAssets, Deighton or AMX.

We oversee a robust decision-making process which takes account of a complete selection criteria including:

  • Business-specific functional and technology requirements gathering and documentation
  • Validation of business case and desired changes
  • Verification of requirements analysis
  • Feasibility analysis in relation to the available solutions
  • Alignment with the business’ strategy and objectives


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