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Holland Mountain is the leading European consulting firm in private equity, real estate and infrastructure. We advise fund managers on technology, operations, change management and outsourcing.

Our services:

Technology advice

Dedicated or bespoke software platforms offer alternative asset managers the robustness, security and functional efficiencies that Excel-based, manual processes lack.  Holland Mountain provides independent advice on technology and software selection to support greater operational efficiency, greater agility and access to better information – enabling high-cost resource to focus on value-add tasks.

Operational improvement

Through analysing your current practices, structure and capabilities, we can map areas for improvement, identify gaps to be bridged, and use this to design new business processes. Our well-practised, structured approach ensures objectives and decision criteria are tightly aligned with your business’s strategic plans.

Change management

Business transformation programmes require a rigorous approach. Through close coordination of the client-vendor relationship, we ensure that the full benefits of operational change are realised and that efficiency, functional and reporting capabilities are enhanced. We provide best practice guidance when managing organisational and technological changes as well as ensuring new processes are trained on and adopted.

Outsourcing fund operations

Our extensive experience with clients of all sizes enables us to advise according to their specific outsourcing drivers. We can strategically assess the business functions under consideration for outsourcing and build a benefits case for moving forward in line with your firm’s organisational structure and operating model.

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