ATLAS Enterprise

is the leading data platform for alternative asset managers

ATLAS Enterprise

is the leading data platform for alternatives asset managers

The ATLAS Enterprise Data Management solution for Private Capital centralizes firm-wide data from any system into a secure platform, AI-powered platform, creating a single source of the truth for true enterprise reporting.

ATLAS data solutions are trusted by Private Capital managers across the world

ATLAS Enterprise is built for Private Capital Firms

  • Centralize firm-wide data from any combination of systems and spreadsheets into a secure AI-powered platform, creating an enriched dataset for improved reporting
  • Scale effortlessly with a pre-built modular design for fast, easy implementation, rapid time-to-value and no extra headcount for maximized operational efficiency
  • Democratize data with self-service access from any device, reducing bottlenecks and eliminating ad hoc requests
  • Leverage dedicated features to orchestrate integrations and improve data governance
  • Introduces straight through processing to automate manual tasks and data flows reducing effort, time to value and business risk

Leveraging firm-wide data to produce reports and inform decision making should be straightforward but often:

Data is stored in multiple systems and spreadsheets, creating siloes and unnecessary duplication that reduces efficiency

Reporting processes are time-consuming, with heavy reliance on manual reconciliation and static PDFs

Firms maintain duplicate copies of financial data, increasing risk and reducing the time available for value-add activities

ATLAS connects and combines data, for improved reporting through:

  • Connecting to source systems, spreadsheets and third party fund administrators, providing independent access to enriched data sets
  • Advanced analytics and streamlined reporting with meeting-ready dashboards and compatibility with leading BI tools
  • Automation technology to handle complex calculations and individual dashboards to deliver faster self-service reporting

Explore the value that ATLAS delivers to leading Private Capital firms

The importance of data for Private Capital firms

The importance of data for Private Capital firms

Leading Private Capital firms are harnessing data for competitive advantage Every day, Private Capital firms around the globe rely on data to make informed decisions. Without meaningful insight, they would be flying blind. But how can GPs best make use of the immense...

ATLAS Carry Plans for HR & Finance

  • Faster employee insights into individual worth and future earnings through self-service reporting
  • Automation to handle complex calculations and reporting
  • Interactive dashboards to perform deep analysis and drill down into specific investments

ATLAS Track Record for Finance & IR

  • Improve the speed of fundraising and ongoing investor communications
  • Transform the LP experience, handling ad hoc queries with ease
  • Independently access verified and audited critical investor relations data