ATLAS Integration Hub

centralizes data for collective insights

ATLAS Integration Hub

centralizes data for collective insights

The ATLAS Integration Hub solution for Private Capital goes beyond integration to create fast and flexible connectivity between data sources. Empower teams to move information between front, middle and back-office systems, removing duplication and manual reconciliation.

ATLAS data solutions are trusted by Private Capital managers across the world

ATLAS Integration Hub is built for Private Capital Firms

  • Improve productivity with a streamlined flow of data across the firm, eliminating duplication and repetitive manual updates
  • Maximise value of existing business technology with the ability to push and pull information between any combination of systems and spreadsheets
  • Improve user experience and reduce tactical workarounds by giving users access to the data they need, when and where they need it most

Firms should be able to use multiple systems without compromising on reporting, but often:

Systems don’t have adequate APIs which limits connectivity and leads to duplicate copies of data

Tactical workarounds and manual updates create inefficiencies and impact productivity

Multiple point-to-point integrations can be complex to maintain, even when using low or no-code solutions

ATLAS Integration Hub centralizes data for collective insight through:

  • Fast and flexible pre-built connectors to source systems, spreadsheets and third parties, with the ability to combine new data sources as your systems landscape evolves
  • Native monitoring and notifications of integration processes
  • Inbuilt workflows and approval processes enable improved data stewardship

Explore the value that ATLAS delivers to leading Private Capital firms

The importance of data for Private Capital firms

The importance of data for Private Capital firms

Leading Private Capital firms are harnessing data for competitive advantage Every day, Private Capital firms around the globe rely on data to make informed decisions. Without meaningful insight, they would be flying blind. But how can GPs best make use of the immense...

ATLAS Carry Plans for HR & Finance

  • Faster employee insights into individual worth and future earnings through self-service reporting
  • Automation to handle complex calculations and reporting
  • Interactive dashboards to perform deep analysis and drill down into specific investments

ATLAS Track Record for Finance & IR

  • Improve the speed of fundraising and ongoing investor communications
  • Transform the LP experience, handling ad hoc queries with ease
  • Independently access verified and audited critical investor relations data