The Journey to Data as an Asset

Holland Mountain partners with Private Capital firms at all stages of the data journey

ATLAS Enterprise solution

Holland Mountain is partnering with the leading Private Capital firms to implement it’s best-in-class ATLAS enterprise data platform solution, aggregating data from any source and providing business users and senior executives with centralised access to real-time data 


ATLAS Pre-Built Private Capital Modules

For Private Capital firms who wish to solve for a specific data need, we have a growing library of plug and play Private Capital modules. Take a look at some of the functional areas we are already solving challenges for:


Track Record



Carry Schemes

Fund Admin

Product Features

The Holland Mountain Data Platform is made up of the following components:

The HM Data Platform

A dedicated data platform developed for the needs of Private Capital firms. Click below to learn more

Data Broker
  • Leverage the growing library of connectors we have already developed to the key Private Capital systems
  • The connectors push and pull data into and from the Data Platform
Data Lake
  • Creates a replica of the data from the source at any point in time, enabling audit, archive & change log functionality
  • Required for any future Machine Learning, AI and other Data Science projects
Data Management
  • Matches the same data across different systems, even if it is labelled slightly differently
  • Creates the one source of truth 
  • Enables data validation and exception management 
Sun Model Application
  • An application used for visual modelling of business requirements and designing the technical solution
  • Automatically generates the Data Warehouse and cube (huge time saving compared to manual dev.)
  • The process of transforming data from its original source format into an output that matches the client’s reporting and analysis requirements
  • HM’s Private Capital knowledge adds huge value here
  • The calculation layer that creates the logical representation of the data and reporting models
  • Enables users to create BI dashboards and other outputs (e.g. Machine Learning & AI)
  • Managing the smooth running of the Data Platform
  • Ensuring all components are operating properly
  • Supporting ongoing change

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The Holland Mountain Difference

Private Capital experts

Speed of delivery


Designed for flexibility


Quality driven product

Requirements-driven methodology

Connectors to Private Capital systems

Fraction of the cost of traditional DWH


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