The client:
A large, global Private Equity firm with multiple office locations, 130+ investments and €40bn in total funds raised. One of the four largest Private Equity firms in the UK, with over fifty carry and co-investment scheme participants. 

What was the initial problem?
Our client’s carry and co-investment data was being held in a legacy database, alongside multiple Excel spreadsheets. Their use of leverage to fund co-investments had added a layer of complexity around how much each individual would borrow and those individuals’ balances and interest rates.

The reporting process was manual, slow and dependent on individual team members. PDF reports were produced on a quarterly basis, often distributed to the scheme’s participants months after the quarter end. There were also significant concerns around scalability.  

Our client needed a robust solution that would enable them to update information with the right controls and processes in place, and to enable as close to real time reporting as possible. 

What action did we take? 
Holland Mountain’s Data Services team (HMDS) were engaged. We leveraged our Analytics Data Platform (ADP) to manage the complexity related to the interest calculations and loan balances and created a place for them to store transactional data.

We published the combined data via dynamic Power BI dashboards, designed iteratively with the client, providing the individual scheme participants with secure, real time access to their positions, and the ability to drill through to transaction-level data. 

What was the result?
Scheme participants are now able to securely access their positions in real time and drill through to transaction-level data. Within a 6-week delivery sprint, Holland Mountain Data Services were able to deliver a solution that  reduced the time it takes to provide scheme participants with their positions from several months to real time.