The client:

An international fund management group with €30bn AUM and 400 employees across eleven global offices.

Track record data from the Finance team was produced in spreadsheets and then passed to IR for adjustments. Static investor tearsheets and taxi reports were produced manually.

The challenge

Building a picture of a given LP’s exposure and history with the GP across all of their investments was complex, involving lots of manual work to pull together data from various systems and manual calculations to stitch it all together.

The client wanted to improve operational efficiency, streamlining the IR experience and improving the accuracy of data used during fundraising. However, their performance data was held in multiple systems and spreadsheets, with benchmark data, CRM dashboards, an investor portal and the firm’s track record all sat separately. It wasn’t possible to create a repeatable process for investor-specific reporting, and there were concerns around scalability as the firm grew.

The fundraising process was also time-consuming and highly manual, with multiple stakeholders required to supply information and then confirm accuracy of the data.

The solution

ATLAS Track Record has delivered a consolidated set of performance data, with investor-specific reporting that can be accessed via configurable, branded dashboards.

  • By centralising data, users no longer need to access multiple systems. The enhanced data set that ATLAS unlocks combines external data, third party benchmark data and firm data, with automated reporting from source
  • ATLAS has improved data quality and accuracy, building better trust in data across the firm and improving the experience of IR professionals
  • Complex calculations are automated within ATLAS and there is no longer a requirement for data to be manually collated, saving significant time and enabling the IR team to refocus on value-add activities
  • Users have independent access to interactive dashboards with the ability to drill down into specific investments, speeding up response time to investor queries.

What are the potential benefits of the ATLAS Track Record solution?

  • Transform the IR experience, handling ad hoc queries with ease and providing individual investors with a holistic view of their overall commitments and exposure
  • On-demand access to verified and audited data from the entire business, removing bottlenecks and improving efficiency
  • Work from a universal set of performance data to improve the speed of fundraising and on-going investor communications.

Combining industry expertise with transformational technology, the ATLAS Track Record solution is suitable for all alternative asset classes.

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